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School of Management, Mae Fah Luang University| The knowledge management team identifies “time”
The knowledge management team identifies “time”
Date: 19 Dec 2019

Knowledge Management 1/2562

School of Management



The knowledge management team identifies time as one of the constraints for achieving the success of research. Staff of Management School generally engages in heavy loads of teaching, multiple academic service activities as well as administrative work. With requirement from the University for all lecturers to regularly undertaking research and publishing papers, the knowledge management team has set the Time management for good academic research achievement”. The talk is led by Assistant Professor Dr. Nathpornpan Uttama, Economics Programme. The talk follows by the discussion of participants which can be concluded as a good practice below; 

1.     Know yourself

People are different, in order to achieve the set goal, individual needs to understand what kind of the person you are, in what kind of environment you are most productive, your biological clock (the minimum sleeping hours), your personal life and obligation.

After knowing yourself, you can plan how you would be most effective in managing your time to meet with your assigned tasks or obligations. If you have engaged in multiple obligation, always set priority with time frame

2.     Self-improvement/development mindset

As academe, one has to keep practice on basic knowledge and continue to acquire new knowledge and tools.

3.     Set your own target

Target should be set both in term of research. For example, the target can be set for example, 1. one international journal published annually 2. at least one research proposal in hand or 3. a team of three research group can produce at least 6 papers a year 4.publication in Q1 journal at least 4 papers annually with at least 2 correspondent author (in order to receive both academic visibility internationally and financial support from the university) etc. This depends on your priority, timeframe and goals.

To achieve the set target, it is important for individual to efficiently manage their time. As all has to carry out routine work, it is best if the timeframe is set. It is recommended that routine work which involve coordination with various stakeholders i.e. other lecturers, administrative staff should occur within the working hours of 8:30-18:00 hours. It should be advocated to be a working culture for all Management School Staff that the message can be sent to individual after 18:00 hours but please do not expect the response until the following morning 8:30 hours.

Time after working hours should be allocated to family or personal life in order to maintain work-life balance. At the same time, time after work should not be used for routine work but for research or papers writing.

If having to engage in the heavy load of routine work, always find research question or capitalize routine work as a capital for research.


4.     Choose your own track

 After knowing yourself and set the target, design your own framework both in quality, quantity and timeframe. Design how you would like to achieve your set target.

For instance, if the target is the submission of academic entitlement, it is designed to write the teaching materials within X months and writing paper within X months.

5.     Sharing is best it is recommended that the knowledge and research should be shared with others.