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Using a DEA Management Tool Through a Nonparametric Approach: An Examination of Urban-Rural Effects on Thai School Efficiency
Author: Dr. Chai Ching Tan
Date: 24 Apr 2009

This paper examines urban-rual efiecs oa public upper-secondary school efficiency in northem Thailand. ln the study, elficiency was measured by a nonparametric technique, data envelopment analysis (DM). Urban-rural e{fects were examined through a Mann-Whitney nonparametric statistical test. Rezults indicate that urban schools appear to have access to and practice different production technologies than rural schools, and rural institutions appear to operate less elliciently than their urban counterparts. In addition, a sensitivity analysis, conducted to ascertain the robustness of the analytical framework, revealed the stabiiity of urban-rural elfects on school efiiciency. Poliry to improve school elf iciency should thus take lzrying geographical area differrnces into account, viewing rural and urban schools as dilferent from one another. Moreover, might consider shifting existlng resources from urban schools to rural schools, provided that the increase in overall rural elliciency would be greater than the decrease, if any, in the ciry. Future research directions are discussed. 

Kantabutra, S. (2009). Using a DEA Management Tool through a Nonparametric Approach: An Examlnation of Urban-Rural Effects on Thai School Efrcienry. Internatronal lournal of Education Paliq and kaderslnp 4(2). Retrieved IDATE] from http://www.ijepl.org.