Bachelor of Business Administration Programme

DegreeAcademic ProgrammeLength of Programme
B.B.A.Business Administration
(Applicants are required a handwritten statement of purpose for 200 - 250 words)
4 Years

 The Business Administration programme aims to meet the human resource requirements of businesses and to develop the human resources capability to manage, analyse and apply knowledge with wisdom, merit, and moral virtues for success in the graduates' careers, for social development in a changing environment, and for competition in the modern business world.

  1. Have knowledge and expertise in the business administration and management fields under the current human resource needs. Have the abilities and skills in business administration and be able to apply management skills for implementing into their future career effectively.
  2. Have knowledge and expertise in the business administration and management fields under the current human resource needs.
  3. Have morals and ethics in their career and personal life. Have interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to working with cross-cultural business organisations.

PLO 1: Ability to explain bodies of business administration knowledge and to apply them to working in business-oriented organisations in accord with the Thailand 4.0 policy, to assist initiation- and creativity-driven businesses and apply proper technologies to business operation;

PLO 2: Skill in analysing and connecting relevant information regarding economic changes in the global society, countries, and regions, with an emphasis on local economy, for the purpose of generating opportunities and addressing business problems;

PLO 3: Creativity and initiatives to apply business administration knowledge to different forms of entrepreneurial operation, to solve business problems and properly respond to business operation in various settings;

PLO 4: Sense of social responsibility; and

PLO 5: Knowledge and skills to undertake an organisation’s business administration in its preferred direction.

                  • 35,750 Baht per semester
                  • 286,000 Baht per programme

                  • Programme Structure
                    • Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Business Administration
                    • Total credits : 135  credits  (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

                       1. General Education Course 30 credits

                       2. Specific Requirement Course 99 credits                                                   

                                 2.1 Core Course 36 credits

                                 2.2 Major Required Course 45 credits

                                 2.3 Major Elective Course 18 credits

                       3. Free Elective Course 6 credits


                  (Refer to Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Business Administration Year 2017)