Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Hospitality Industry Management

DegreeAcademic ProgrammeLength of Programme
B.B.A.Hospitality Industry Management
(Focus on hotel, food, and beverage management)
4 Years

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), program in Hospitality Industry Management (HIM) is committed to produce a well-rounded knowledgeable graduate that well equipped with three main curriculum principles, consisting of Management, Innovation, Marketing skills. By having these three skills, students will have an exceptional drive on service mind and operational skills in the hospitality industry.  Students can adapt to work in a multicultural culture under changing circumstances and global perspective. Students can integrate a knowledge for service processes with the use of technology efficiently. They also have professional ethics in hospitality industry.

Therefore, human resource development is very essential in hospitality industry. The HIM program has developed a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in our course. We believe that combining with teaching and work learning, along with 21st century learning skills (3Rs + 8Cs + 2Ls) can achieve results that necessary for the students.

1.Students have morals and professional ethics in hospitality industry. Students are responsible for working in different cultures under various circumstances.

2.Students have good personality and attitude to work in the hospitality industry.

3. Students have knowledge, competency and skills in business administration and hospitality industry to create the concept of entrepreneurship.

4. Students have skills to seek new knowledge and become a lifelong continuous learner, as well as a professional inter-personal communicator. They are logically able to use technology that is suitable for the job.

The premier Hospitality Industry Management (HIM) program in the Northern Thailand and Greater Mekong Sub Region, offers BBA curriculum entirely in English with its well-equipped state of the art on site practical culinary, food and beverage services training facility, as well as a hotel administration laboratory.  Our HIM students are drawn to an education in hospitality industry by an exceptional drive to make other people’s satisfaction, comfort, enjoyment and happiness their business, using three core teaching pillars; 1. Management 2. Innovation and 3. Marketing. 

  1. Hotel administration segment: hotel staff, both local and global-international hotel management, in various departments, such as Room Division Management, Food and Beverage Management, Human Resource Management as well as Sales and Marketing.
  2. Services segment: aviation business Airline staff such as Flight Attendant and Air Ticket Officer
  3. Hospital and Wellness segment: such as Service Designer, Service Quality Controller, Customer Service Agent and Public Relation Officer
  4. Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) segment Event Project Creative Officer, Event Specialist, Event Marketing Officer, Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), Professional Event Organizer (PEO)
  5. Employee in national and global organization
  6. Business Owner

PLO1: Students have service mind, social responsibility, positive attitude, and professional ethics in hospitality industry.

PLO2: Students can explain the basic knowledge and theories of business administration, innovation, management, and marketing in the hospitality industry.

PLO3: Students have operational skills in the hospitality industry by integrating knowledge related to the service industry.

PLO4: Students can design customer experience related to the service industry for the idea of business entrepreneurship.

PLO5: Students have leadership and teamwork skills.

PLO6: Students have a good communication skill. They can analyze the data for making decision in business.

                      • 35,750 Baht per semester
                      • 286,000 Baht per programme

                      • Programme Structure
                        • Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Hospitality Industry Management
                        • Total credits :  131  credits  (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

                          1. General Education Course 30 credits

                          2. Specific Requirement Course 95 credits                                                   

                                2.1 Core Course 27 credits

                                2.2 Major Required Course 62 credits

                                2.3 Major Elective Course 6 credits

                          3. Free Elective Course 6 credits

                      (Refer to Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Hospitality Industry Management Year 2021)