Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Business Administration

DegreeAcademic ProgrammePlanClassLength of Programme
Ph.D.Business Administration2.1Sat-Sun3 Years

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration Programme aims to build visionary leaders who are able to deal with industry challenges and promote sustainability of businesses

  1. To provide students with conceptual and technical research skills related to business administration with the aim of publishing academic papers to benefit researchers and practitioners
  2. To extend the knowledge, expertise and skill in the discipline of business administration to understand and solve complex industry challenges
  3. To ingrain students with a sense of ethical obligation in the pursuit of responsible management

  1. Offer various seminars in business administration topics to suit the interest of students
  2. Offer courses in Advanced Research Methodology
  3. A friendly blended learning environment with both online and offline consultation between advisors and advisees

1. Entrepreneur

2. Business consultant

3. Government Advisor

4. Researcher/innovator

5. Professor

PLO1:.Demonstrate advanced knowledge and competence in the latest academic theories business administration

PLO2: Demonstrate effective research skills including formulation of research problem; design of a research study; data analysis; ability to summarize and present the results

PLO3: Demonstrate integration from business disciplines to generate novel ideas, strategies, and practical approaches to address business issues

PLO4: Generate, evaluate, and assess the ethical obligations and responsibilities of business for the purpose of responsible management.

                • Plan 1.1, 2.1:
                  • 117,000 Baht per semester
                  • 702,000 Baht per programme

                (Refer Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration Year 2022)

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